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Debbie King, Founder, Association Analytics

Learn about how Association Analytics became the leading data analytics practice serving the association industry.


I founded Association Analytics, formerly DSK Solutions, in 1999 because I believed there was a need for a firm in the association space that would truly listen to clients, be responsive, and honor their word.  When I worked as an IT Director for an association, my experience was that technology initiatives were always delivered late and over budget and worst of all my vendors didn’t seem to care. I knew it could be different.

I started this company to help associations successfully implement and customize Association Management Systems (AMS’s). As our company grew, our customers’ needs evolved. Today, associations have more data than ever before and that data is growing exponentially. Data is an asset – a window into your customer’s journey and an opportunity for growth.  Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics can be used to harness that data and use it to develop new audiences, new services, increase revenue and much more.

With years of firsthand experience in an association’s main data source –the AMS – I knew we could add value, especially because we recognize the unique needs of associations and their customers.  We demystify Business Intelligence and Big Data for associations by unlocking data and turning it into beautiful association-specific visualizations that are both meaningful and actionable.

We look forward to helping you discover the story in your data.


Debbie King, Founder, Association Analytics