Five Steps

Association Analytics® recommends following a five-step process for analytics implementation.

Data analytics engagements are strategic, organization-wide initiatives that create and foster significant growth and cultural change. Due to the breadth and impact of analytics initiatives, it’s important to begin with a comprehensive strategy – the Association Analytics® Roadmap.

The Association Analytics® Roadmap, which is a comprehensive document that summarizes findings from meetings with stakeholders, assesses the current state of analytics, and provides clear recommendations and a plan for attaining the desired future state.

The roadmap is developed in close collaboration with your association’s leadership and staff.

Goals of Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

The primary goals of Analytics Strategy & Roadmap are to:

  • Define an analytics strategy
  • Educate executives and staff on what to expect from an analytics initiative.
  • Identify achievable desired outcomes and understand their value.
  • Align analytics objectives with the organizational strategic plan.
  • Assess and document the current state of Data, Technology, and Organization.
  • Clarify the Value – understand the direct and indirect “costs” of the current situation.
  • Prioritize the work according to business impact, technical complexity, and organizational considerations.
  • Establish a clear plan for implementing the agreed upon strategy.

Ready to Plan?

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