Data Discovery and Data Analytics for Associations

To create beautifully crafted dashboards, Association Analytics carefully analyzes your data. We help you discover patterns and correlations through data mining.

We then teach you and your staff “The Analytical Mindset” to shift your culture to data-driven decision-making. With an “Analytical Mindset,” you will find answers to your existing questions and discover new questions you didn’t even know you had through Data Discovery. As you learn more, we’ll be there to refine and continuously improve your dashboards to ensure your dashboards meet and exceed your current needs.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data for Associations

Don’t make important business decisions on intuition alone. Predictive Analysis can use your data to predict and prove which association initiatives are most likely to be successful. It’s a game-changer. Through predictive analytics and advanced analytics, we can help you with:

  • Customer Engagement and Profiling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Mining and Cluster Analysis
  • Business Risk and Opportunity Evaluation
Predict registration by weeks out.

Use predictive analytics to anticipate registration for your annual conference by weeks out.