Association Analytics® is committed to developing sustainable data analytics solutions for associations. We help ensure the long-term success of your data analytics initiative through several services.

Hosted Analytics Solution

Our services are hosted so we can guarantee the highest quality support and service to our clients. Association Analytics® provides installation, configuration, security, hosting, and licenses for your Tableau Server environment in a virtual, private cloud. Learn more about our Hosted Solution.

Dedicated Analysts

To make the most of your analytics solution, you need a Data Champion who can analyze data, respond to requests for data and analysis from leadership and staff, proactively research trends and issues, and communicate analytics results. Yet, nonprofit organizations don’t always have the resources or internal capacity to perform data analytics.

Whether you need temporary or long-term support, Association Analytics® can provide you with analytics support. Work with a dedicated, expert analyst who will get to know your association and its needs and provide you with the answers you need to grow and excel. Analysts can work on-site or remotely depending on your staff’s needs.

Because every association’s needs are different we provide estimates on request for our Dedicated Analyst service.


All of our engagements conclude with training and knowledge transfer to empower your staff to use data to make decisions.

To strengthen adoption and a data-guided culture, we recommend continuous and regular training. Association Analytics® will provides ½ day or full day workshops for association staffs. Workshops may include hands-on training in Tableau or PowerBI as well as interactive presentations that teach an analytical mindset.


Many associations find it valuable to have ongoing analytics support to promote adoption. Support packages are available on a monthly retainer basis.


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