Visualize Your Data

Association Analytics® provides beautiful data visualizations that inspire action. With our data visualizations and dashboards, we turn black and white numbers into interactive data visualizations that enable association staff to “have a conversation with their data” without relying on IT to create reports. We use best-in-class visualization tools, like Tableau and PowerBI to make your data come to life.

We then help you understand visualizations through careful analysis.

The Power of Visualizations

70% of the body’s sense receptors reside in the eye. Vision is the primary way we absorb and understand the world around us. Data visualizations speed decision making by translating numbers into easy-to-understand visuals.

Here’s an example from our blog. The table and bar chart below show the same data, but in very different ways.

registrants_table Registrants1-e1462804380748
  1. Look at the table first. What stands out to you? You might notice that the highest number of registrants is in 2014.
  2. Take a look at the bar chart. Even without looking at labels or legends, our eye is drawn to the darkly colored bar on the far right. We can immediately see that even with fewer events, this association had more registrants. This resulted in higher registration revenue, but also a reduction in event-related expenses with fewer events. That translates to higher profit margins.

Does that information change your perception of previous year’s performance? Does it make you wonder how the association attracted more attendees with fewer events?

Did you notice how quickly you moved from basic analysis to asking questions about the information? That’s the power of data visualizations.

What’s the difference between my charts and your data visualizations?

Charts and reports from single transactional systems can help you visualize data, but only at a basic level. The data visualizations and dashboards we create are:

  • Interactive
  • Combine multiple data sources into one single-source of truth
  • Self-service environments that enable real-time discovery
  • Supported by by well-designed data architecture.

Let our data analytics solutions guide smart decision making with less risk, time, and expense. Our clients have been able to increase customer engagement, create new revenue sources, streamline internal operations, and advance their mission by visualizing their data.

Topic Map

A map we created to help an association discover what travel-related topics most interested their members.